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Army Announces the 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division to Stay at Ft. Benning

Posted June 25, 2013    

Chamber Announces the Results of the Programmatic Environmental Assessment 
The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce announces the Department of Army’s Decision on Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) for the Army 2020 Force Structure Realignment.
The 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division will not only be staying but Ft. Benning will be growing. Fort Benning will show a growth of over 70 plus personnel.
Gary Jones, Military affairs Vice President Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce briefed the Department of Army Team Listening Team on April 24, 2013 at Ft. Benning.
The Chamber approach to the Department of Army Team Listening Team was with the philosophy we want to grow and have been preparing for growth since 2006. “We did not focus on potential losses rather we focused on the following points,” says Jones: How the Region interfaced with Fort Benning and developed productive Partnerships; How We Prepared For Growth to support Fort Benning; And How We Are Posturing For Future Growth.
On hearing the news of the announcement, Congressman Sanford Bishop said,
“The ties between Columbus and Fort Benning are as strong as ever, and today’s exciting announcement highlights the positive and mutually beneficial co-existence the two communities share. I am personally proud of Columbus’ lineage of services, support, and opportunity for Fort Benning, assets which shone brightly throughout the Army’s decision making process,” said Congressman Bishop.
Continued Bishop, “The possibility of losing a brigade from Fort Benning was real, and I thank the Columbus community, including the Chamber, on all its efforts in averting an adverse conclusion. I stood with the city in our advocacy for Columbus and now stand with the city in thanking Army Leadership for the particularly positive outcome of their decision. Today is a good day for Columbus and for Fort Benning, and I look forward to many more years of united service to the nation.”
Mayor of Columbus Georgia, Teresa Tomlinson said, “Today is clearly a big day. We have demonstrated the strength of our Military/Civilian Partnerships and stayed focused on producing a common product – the stabilization, and the growth, of Fort Benning. This is a great day to be a part of the Columbus/Ft. Benning community.
The Chair of Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Jacki Lowe said, “It is exciting the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team will remains at Fort Benning rather than moving to Fort Stewart. The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Development Authority of Columbus, Columbus City Government, Mayor Tomlinson, as well as The Valley Partnership to demonstrated that through coordination, collaboration and cooperation a strategy can be developed for the good of the City and Region that supports the Greatest Economic Engine in South West Georgia and East Alabama – Fort Benning. The end result is we did not experience a loss at Fort Benning as the preponderance of US Army installations; rather we have experienced again as in BRAC 2005 more growth.
Mike Gaymon, President & CEO of Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce said,“Today reflects the work of many partnerships working long hard hours presenting the facts to the Department of Army Listening Team, our elected leadership in the Bi-State Region and Washington. With a common theme of there great goodness in Fort Benning. Economics, cultural, social, international and the list could go on and on. These members and family of the Military are our friends and neighbors teach our Sunday School Classes, coach our children’s teams and many add to our work force. Fort Benning and its members are a very essential element of our community and the region’s very fabric. Today is a Great day to be in the region and have a great partner such as Fort Benning”
Dick Ellis from the Development Authority said, “We in the Columbus Development Authority have always recognized Fort Benning as a Huge Economic Development Project.
The latest BRAC 2005 resulted in thousands of new jobs coming into the region and to date over $3.6 Billion has been spent on Fort Benning.
Thus, on behalf of the Columbus Development Authority, let me express our sincere thanks to everyone for their work resulting in this announcement.
The Authority’s focus is on jobs and capital investment. We, like all of you, had heard the numbers of UP TO 7,100 potential job loss for Fort Benning. That would have been the equivalent of many years of works in new job creation had it happened. We contract with the Chamber to provide the economic development services which takes at times the whole Chamber’s best efforts in order to achieve success.”
The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce is an energetic and visionary non-profit membership organization representing over 1200 businesses. The Chamber’s mission is to promote business success by being the leader in economic and community development in the region. The GCGCOC was the first five-star accredited Chamber in Georgia and has served the local business community since 1845. Find out more about the Chamber at


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