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Mathnasium opens in Bradley Park

Posted November 1, 2013    

There is an exciting and unique business located in the popular Columbus Bradley Park area that is causing students to become crazy about Math. It is the first and only franchise of its kind in the entire Chattahoochee Valley region. There are over 400 of these franchises operating around the world. It’s called Mathnasium the Math Learning Center.

Mathnasium is a one-of-a-kind learning center, in that it specializes in a math-only curriculum that is tailored specifically to each child. It employs a variety of learning modalities to help each child develop confidence and Number Sense. Mathnasium's expert math instructors
help students during after-school hours and on the weekends to sharpen their math skills using our 35-plus year proprietary curriculum with proven success.

Mathnasium is locally owned and operated by Travis and Sharon Hester, Columbus residents.

Travis and Sharon are both passionate about Math. Travis earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Engineering Studies as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. He's enjoyed a successful career in Corporate America, small business, non-profit sector, and higher education. Sharon earned a B.S. in Middle Grades Ed with a concentration in Math and Science. She has enjoyed educating students and serving the community in public school gifted programs and organizations such as Odyssey of the Mind. The dream that Travis and Sharon Hester share is to positively impact society by improving the Math education of all children.

Mathnasium is located in the Bradley Park area behind River Town Ford dealership in the Blue Door Boutique shopping plaza. For the long-time local folks, it's where the old Pigtails and Crewcuts used to be. The address is 6501 Whitesville Road, Ste. 100 Columbus 31904. For more information, please call the Mathnasium center at 706.322.4244.

Travis Hester, Owner/General Manager
Sharon Hester, Owner/Center Director
Mathnasium of Columbus Bradley Park

Office: 706.322.4244
Mobile: 706.760.7871
Fax: 855.763.3393
E-mail: [email protected]


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