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RKJ & Sons Named December Small Business Giant

Posted December 17, 2013    

RKJ & Sons was named the Small Business Giant for December 2013. The award was presented to Robbie Jones at the Chamber Eye-Opener Breakfast on Dec. 12. The monthly Small Business award is selected by the Chamber's Small Business Recognition Committee and winners must be in business for a minimum of five years and have proven growth and community service efforts.

RKJ & Sons owns and operates 39 Subway restaurants in the Columbus and Albany area and recently opened the first Yogli Mogli Yogurt Shop in Columbus. Robby and his wife Kim opened their first Subway in 1987 in Cross Country Plaza in Columbus. In 1987 there were only about 800 Subway stores in the world and it was an unknown entity. There was no national submarine chain in existence.

The business did well and they have continued to open stores over the years and purchase stores from other franchisees. One of their greatest pleasures has been getting to know many of the people they work with. They have several in the company that have been with them many years. Many of the key personnel started out as Sandwich Artists and have developed and moved up in the company. They are also excited that all three of their sons have chosen to work at RKJ & Sons with plans to continue the company in the future.

At RKJ & Sons their goal is to develop people and provide our customers with a fantastic dining experience. Subway has created the submarine sandwich business on a national level and they strive to bring the best Subway Sandwich shops to Columbus and give back to the local community.

Congratulations to RKJ & Sons  on being named the December Small Business Giant.



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