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Carl Gregory Enterprises wage increase

Posted April 4, 2014     1 comments

Press Release:
Carl Gregory Enterprises will raise its minimum wage to $10.00 / Hr. effective April 1, 2014 for all of its seventeen franchised dealerships throughout the Southeast.
The company was founded 25 years ago when Carl Gregory acquired the Chrysler franchise in Columbus Georgia. Since then the company has grown to being consistently ranked in the top 125 dealer groups in the country.
Carl Gregory, founder and chairman of the company said. "We could not have grown to be successful without the hard work of all of our employees, and I am extremely grateful to all who have contributed to our success. All of our employees should have a chance to provide for their families. We hope this policy change will help make that possible."


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Great Employers

From: Ben Stahl, 05/19/14 03:09 PM

You are a great employer, not because of the wage increase but because you care for your employees. They contributed to your success but you are the unifying cause for their success and pride in working for you and the customers.

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