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On Capitol Hill, a Cold War Aura Returns

Posted July 24, 2014    

On Capitol Hill, a Cold War Aura Returns

Jul. 23, 2014 - 02:35PM   |  

By JOHN T. BENNETT   |   Comments

An armed pro-Russia militant stands at the site of the crash of a Malaysian airliner in rebel-held east Ukraine. (Dominique Faget/ / AFP)


WASHINGTON — It’s suddenly 1980-something again on Capitol Hill as a Cold War aura fills the halls of Congress.

As tensions heat up between Moscow and Washington, the rhetoric on Capitol Hill suggests the once-settled Cold War has been rekindled. The White House continues to press Russian President Vladimir Putin to cut off support for Ukrainian separatists the US and its allies say shot down a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet last week. Russia has, so far, shown no signs of doing so, and America’s European allies, so far, have done little to stand up to Putin’s aggression.

As the Obama administration seeks defense cuts for what it sees as a changing 21st century threat picture, the ultimate conventional threat — the Russian military — has shot back to the top of many US lawmakers’ priorities list.


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