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Prescribed Burning Planned at Muscogee Technology Park

Posted February 12, 2015    



Brian J, Sillitto, Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce

(706) 596-7004, [email protected]


Prescribed Burning Planned at Muscogee Technology Park

Smoke from the fires may drift causing potential for reduced visibility


COLUMBUS, GA, February 11, 2015 – In the coming weeks the Columbus Consolidated Government, in coordination with the Development Authority of Columbus, will employ prescribed fires in order to comply with required land management activities at Muscogee Technology Park. 


The dates of the fires are determined by the appropriate weather conditions including wind direction and humidity; as such, no specific date has been set for the burn. However, the window for the event will begin on Thursday February 19 and run through March 7.


While this activity will achieve many desired objectives, it nevertheless produces smoke that can cause reduced visibility and other potential issues. A burn plan will be implemented that states the atmospheric and environmental conditions necessary, clearly defines the boundaries of the area to be burned and provides details of specific precautionary measures that must be implemented prior to the burn.


To further ensure the safety and effectiveness of the land management plan, the prescribed burn will be carried out by the Georgia Forestry Commission with assistance from Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon.




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