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Piece of Whittlesey Road to close April 6 for 45 days

Posted March 26, 2015    

Drainage work calls for traffic to be diverted via Bradley Park Drive

[email protected]  March 24, 2015
There will be more pain for motorists along Whittlesey Road in Columbus before the eventual gain of smoother traffic.
The Columbus Planning Department said Tuesday that a portion of the road will be closed to "thru traffic" for about 45 days between Whitesville Road and Bradley Park Drive. The closure starts April 6, the department said, so that construction crews can work on a "large drainage structure" across the road.

The Columbus city manager's office said the public will have access to any businesses or other properties within the closure zone.

Whittlesey Road between Whitesville Road and Veterans Parkway is being widened to four lanes with a raised median and turning lanes in certain areas. The thoroughfare also will have five-foot sidewalks.

The $9.8 million project is projected to be completed before the end of this year, with McMath-Turner Construction Co. handling the work.

The planning department said the official detour will be Bradley Park Drive to where it now intersects at a red light with Whittlesey Road.

Other ways to access the area that includes Columbus Park Crossing will be hopping on Veterans Parkway north or south of its intersection with Whittlesey Road, which becomes Whittlesey Boulevard as it slices through Columbus Park. Or drivers can take J.R. Allen Parkway to either the Veterans Parkway or Moon Road exit, and enter the shopping and dining area there.

Roughly 7,200 vehicles use Whittlesey Road each day, according to a 2012 city traffic map.

It was three years ago this summer that the widening project started. Other widening projects now under way in north Columbus are that of Moon Road between Whittlesey Boulevard and Wilbur Avenue, and a stretch of Veterans Parkway just north of the Williams/Moon road intersection. The first is expected to be completed by November, while the latter will take more than two years to complete, transportation officials have said.

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