What is the population of Columbus?

186,984.  The MSA is 287,653 (Counties: Chattahoochee, Harris, Marion, and Muscogee counties in GA, Russell County in AL).  The retail trade area is 610,929 people. The 16-county trade area is 625,254.
*Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2008 population estimates

Where can I get Hotel/Motel information?

We, the Chamber have a searchable listing of the ones that are members in our member directory.  If you want all of the ones in a certain area, please contact the Convention & Visitor's Bureau at (706)322-1613 or 1-800-999-1613 if out of state.

Where can I get a Map of Columbus?

At the Chamber of Commerce for $3 each.  We do need payment prior to mailing it out.  There is a $1.82 charge for postage.

Where can I get information on upcoming events (Parades, Festivals, Concerts/area attractions)?

The Convention and Visitor's Bureau at (706)322-1613 or 1-800-999-1613 or check the Community Calendar.

How can I find information on other cities?

The Chamber has access to World Chamber Directory, which lists the name, address, and telephone number of the city you require.

How can I find a certain law or regulation?

Call the Government Center at (706)653-4000.

Where can I find out if a business has a good reputation?

Call the Better Business Bureau at (706)324-0712.

How can I find out about a minority business?

Call the Minority Affairs Department.  If they are not available, call the Minority Business Center at (706)324-0712.

What are the newspapers in Columbus?

  • The daily paper is the Columbus Ledger Enquirer at (706)324-5526.

  • Weekly papers are the Columbus Times at (706)324-2404, The Bayonet at 545-2201, the Bi-City Bulletin at 480-9160, and Playgrounds at (706)562-0074.

  • Also check our media list.

Where can I get a packet of information if I plan on relocating a business to the Columbus area?

You can contact the Economic Development department at the Chamber (706)327-1566.

Where can I get job training assistance?

The private sector initiative program at (706) 323-2021.

Where can I get a telephone book?

It may be picked up for free at the receptionist desk at the Chamber of Commerce, or mailed after we receive $5 for postage.

Do you have a Criss-Cross Directory/City Directory?

We have a Directory, however we are unable to give the information over the phone.  You are more than welcome  to come into the Chamber and use the Directory.  For further information, please contact the Bradley Library at (706)649-0780.

How can I make a complaint about a company?

Please contact the Better Business Bureau at (706)324-0712.