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Gary Jones

"The relationship between Columbus and Ft. Benning is strong. To conduct business on base you need to establish a strong relationship with the installation leadership. The Chamber can get you in front of the right people and help your business maneuver into position." To contact Gary, click .

Gary Jones

Executive Vice President, Military Affairs
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  • Joint Land Use Study

    Joint Land Use Study

    What is Joint Land Use Study? The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a co-operative planning effort between the Army and the communities of the region to examine both the way that Fort Benning operates and the way that nearby areas are growing. …More

  • Fort Benning

    Fort Benning

    Fort Benning Is An Existing Industry Economic Development Project Of Over 38,000 People Who Come To Work And Train Daily While Supporting Over 208,000 Military, Civilian, Retiree And Reserve Personnel In Our Bi-State Region. The Fort Benning …More

  • Introduction to Fort Benning

    Introduction to Fort Benning


  • Regional Growth Management Plans

    Regional Growth Management Plans

    The Regional Growth Management Plan (RGMP) is the second of two major planning efforts undertaken by our region and is funded in large part by grants awarded by the Office of Economic Adjustment, an agency of the Department of Defense charged …More