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Fort Benning is an existing industry economic development project of over 38,000 people who come to work and train daily while supporting over 208,000 military, civilian, retiree and reserve personnel in our bi-state region. Some $3.5 billion has been invested by the department of defense and this region provides some $3.6 billion in facilities, utilities, education and housing efforts to support this magnificent Department of Defense partner in commerce. So Fort Benning is big business.
The annual economic impact of this 182,000 acre post with over 20,000,000 square feet of facilities is over $4.75 billion annually. Compare this to the West Point Kia project with 12,000 jobs and $1.2 billion in investment. Benning is big business.
Recently the army reduced the size of the 3rd Brigade to a Battalion.  And your Chamber facilitated a meeting between our Georgia and Washington leadership to speak to the Secretary of Army we were able to retain and Infantry Battalion of  some 1,050 soldiers and when you include their family members and jobs retained we kept almost 3,600 citizens in our region and some $93 million annually from salaries and sales. Benning is big business.
To assist Fort Benning grow its missions, we have been able to get almost $3 million for ranges, $5 million for hangers for the 75th ranger regiment drone facility and working to acquire some $7 million for a new army airfield tower for that magnificent 10,0000 foot runway. Also we are going after another $21 million for more range and maneuver area improvement. Benning is big business.
Much is going on and your Chamber is proud to be Fort Benning's wingman.


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