Certified Drug Free Workplace

In 1993, the Chamber was instrumental in the passage of legislation which provided for a five percent discount on Workers Compensation premiums for businesses that attained certified drug-free workplace status. In 1997, the Georgia legislature increased the discount to 7.5%.  The Chamber launched the Drugs Don't Work program to  assist you in becoming certified and to provide the resources necessary to renew your certification each year. Our goal is to make the  process simple and quick when creating and maintaining your certified drug-free workplace program and  receiving your Workers Compensation discount.

Why should I become a Drug Free Certified Workplace?

Substance abuse drains more than $100 billion from American businesses every year:

Workers Compensation - 38-50% of all Workers Comp claims are related to substance abuse in the workplace; substance abusers file three to five times as many Workers Comp Medical Costs. Substance abusers have 300% higher medical costs and benefits.

Absenteeism -Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent eight or more days a year.

Lost Productivity - Substance abusers are one-third less productive and three times more likely to be late for work

Employee Turnover - It costs a business an average of $7000 to replace a salaried worker.

Drugs Don't Work Program Resources

 View the Drugs Don't Work informational flyer.

Drug Free Workplace Resources and Electronic Forms

Official Monthly Drug Free Workplace Newsletter

Interested in getting a 7.5% discount on your workers comp insurance? Contact the Small Business Department for more information or to set up your one-on-one consultation.