Professional Consultants Program (PCP)

FREE Professional Advice for Chamber Members ONE-ON-ONE

The Professional Consultants Program is a valuable resource for small business Chamber members. The Professional Consultants Program is a FREE service to aid aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in the many issues  related to running a  small business. Experts are available in many different areas including: accounting, taxes, web design, marketing, finance, insurance, legal and staffing. Consultations are one hour and must be arranged by the Chamber's  Small Business Department.

Terms of Consultation:

  • Must be arranged by Chamber Small Business Department Staff
  • Consultants must be a Chamber member in good standing
  • Cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before the appointment time
  • No shows are not rescheduled
  • Consultations are private and confidential

View the list of professional consultants.

Contact the Membership Department to set up your appointment or to learn how to become a provider in the Professional Consultants Program.