Youth Leadership Columbus

What is Youth Leadership Columbus?

Leadership skills program offered at no charge for high school juniors in the Columbus area who have demonstrated leadership qualities and concern for their community.

What are the goals?

  • To increase awareness of community needs, opportunities, problems, and resources.
  • To provide a greater understanding of contemporary issues through interaction and problem solving with peers and community leaders.
  • To help students understand “the big picture” of Columbus, identify the opportunities here for a career and family development and expose them to volunteer experiences outside the realm of school.
  • To enhance communication skills and decision-making capabilities.

What is the program content and how long does it last?

The program consists of the following:

  • Reception
  • Bonding Day
  • Setting Goals & Making Decisions
  • Communicating Effectively and Appreciating Differences
  • Understanding Leadership/Taking Control
  • Exercise Community Leadership
  • Graduation

The program begins shortly after the beginning of school and is completed before the end of the school year. It typically is held every other month.

What are the results?

Since the program's inception, over 650 students have participated in the program. For many students their participation has proven to be a deciding factor for acceptance to college, technical schools or military.