Public Policy

In our role as advocates for Greater Columbus West Central Georgia businesses, we are often called upon to take positions on governmental policy having impact upon our Members. This can include public policy at the local, county, state, and federal levels.

We take seriously our responsibility to represent and speak for our business community on matters of business regulation and taxation that can either enhance or hinder our Members' economic prospects.

In every case, The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce makes a point to listen closely and carefully to our Members' views on specific issues of public policy. Members often have differing perspectives on these issues, and it is our duty to determine and state the positions that best represent our entire membership.

We encourage all Members to regularly and forthrightly inform us of their questions and concerns about matters of public policy. We are dedicated to helping your voices be heard by our elected representatives. The business community we serve is at the heart of our community's prosperity, and only by making our views known clearly and completely can we feel confident that the best interests of our businesses will be served in the public sphere.