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  • Columbus, GA Region Overview

    Columbus, Georgia Regional Overview

    Located approximately 100 miles southwest of Atlanta, the Greater Columbus Georgia Region is home to more than 300,000 residents. Read more about the Columbus, Georgia Region

  • Aerospace

    Located at the center of the southeastern U.S. aerospace cluster, the Greater Columbus Georgia Region provides strategic access to the world’s busiest airport—Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, major aerospace manufacturing facilities, missile defense operations, and Florida’s three space launch facilities. Read more about Aerospace

  • Automotive


    The southeastern U.S. has become the destination of choice for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. In fact, the area has grown from accounting for 25 percent of the industry to more than 33 percent in just the last 10 years. And, Georgia and the Greater Columbus Region are at the heart of this growth in the new Automotive Alley. Read more about Automotive

  • BioSciences


    From research to clinical trials to distribution, Georgia is a leader when it comes to helping life science businesses thrive. In fact, according to the most recent Georgia Power survey, the state is home to over 400 Biosciences companies that employ nearly 20,000. Read more about BioSciences

  • Defense


    The heart of the Greater Columbus Georgia Region’s defense industry is Fort Benning and the Maneuver Center of Excellence. It is home to approximately 40,000 military personnel, contractors and civilians. Read more about Defesnse

  • Tourism


    Georgia has become the destination of choice for manufacturing companies. These companies enjoy low costs, access to world-class centers of innovation and a pro-business climate.Read more about Manufacturing

  • Technology


    The Greater Columbus Georgia Region is home to major players in the industry, including Aflac, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, CB&T, Synovus and TSYS. These world-leaders in financial, health and information technology demonstrate how the region is competing for-and winning global investment and talent.Read more about Technology

  • Tourism


    Tourism drives business growth and increases revenue for companies operating in Georgia. Tourism is a $53.6 billion industry for the state and supports more than 411,000 jobs, or 10.2% of all payroll employment in Georgia. Read more about Tourism