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The Columbus Chamber led the effort in creating and facilitating a regional economic development entity, which today is recognized and known throughout the Southeast as The Valley Partnership. The purpose of The Valley Partnership is to enhance commerce and trade opportunities within the Columbus, Georgia Region.  The Valley Partnership was officially formed in 1997. We currently consist of Cusseta-Chattahoochee County, Harris County, Marion County, Muscogee County, Talbot County and the city of West Point.  In 2000, the Valley Partnership Joint Development Authority (VPJDA) was formed. We work diligently to create public/private partnerships that meet the needs of both our businesses and our communities and improve the quality of life at every level.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to:

  • Creating and sustaining opportunities for business success
  • Optimizing public/private partnerships
  • Developing and supporting industry growth
  • Improving employment opportunities
  • Supporting educational excellence and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Creating a diverse, family-friendly environment with a high quality of life

Searching for the Right Place to Locate your Business or Organization?

The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce has an experienced team of economic development professionals who are dedicated to assisting new and existing companies that are considering locating or expanding within the Columbus, Georgia Region. 

Rely on our team to help you:

  • Analyze site options
  • Tap into federal, state and local incentives
  • Get specific information about utility availabity and costs
  • Determine workforce fit and access training resources
  • Evaluate trsportation resources

Bill Murphy

Executive Vice President

Economic Development



Gary Jones

Executive Vice President

Military Affairs



Brian Sillitto

Senior Vice President

Business Recruitment

Economic Development



Katherine Kelly

Coordination Manager

Economic Development



Lindsey Braxton

Coordination Manager

Economic Development




 Let’s work together to create a better future for your company and our community.