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It's all about the Workforce

Companies thrive in the Columbus, Georgia Region. The secret to their success is people. In fact, several companies with locations in the Columbus, Georgia Region boast of their industry-wide or company-wide award winning employees. 

What makes the Columbus, Georgia Region so unique? The workforce.

What does the Columbus, Georgia Region offer that other places can not? The workforce.

What determines a company’s ultimate success? The workforce. You see, whatever the question, the answer is, the workforce. And you can be assured that the Columbus, Georgia Region can meet the labor requirements by providing a skilled, trained, supply of employees to fulfill the workforce needs of any company and we can prove it!

Our workforce consists of a special mix of people that possess skills and a work ethic you won’t find in many other places. This recipe for workforce success includes a blend of the underemployed, exiting military personnel, military spouses, high school, technical college and university graduates, the Department of Labor’s Career Center and new working-age residents. Take a look at the numbers.



Aproximately 19,500 workers who are currently employed do not utilize their education or skills, with many willing to commute farther for the opportunity to work in a field where they can use their training.

Spouses of Military Personnel

Between 12,500 and 13,000 spouses of military and Department of Defense are available for full or part-time employment. Most have two years of college and/or experience in the service industry. Due to the relocation of the Armor Center and Armor School from Fort Knox, Kentucky to Fort Benning, Georgia,  the number of spouses of military and civilian increased by 7,000 in 2011. Rotation periods have been extended to an average of five years resulting in a more stable civilian workforce in areas adjacent to Army posts, a benefit to our regional employers by reducing turnover and the associated training costs.


Exiting Military Personnel

Between 2,500 and 5,000 soldiers end their military service at Fort Benning every year with 70% of these exiting personnel remaining in the Columbus, Georgia Region. The majority of them are skilled in various disciplines including maintenance, machinery operations, technology, managerial, computers, electronics and robotics. Plus, they’re disciplined and possess a strong work ethic. 


High School and College Graduates

The Columbus, Georgia Region graduates approximately 4,000 high school students each year and there are more than 53,000 students in area colleges and universities. Many of these students seek full-time, part-time or seasonal employment while in school. Our region strongly supports these graduates and students who are our future workforce.

Department of Labor's Columbus Career Center

More than 54,000 applicants possessing a wide variety of skills are seeking new opportunities. Annually, over 600,000 people from our region seek employment assistance through the Department of Labor’s Columbus Career Center.
New Working-Age Residents Since 2000, the Columbus Georgia Region’s labor force has grown by 13,000 workers. These workers bring production, technological, managerial and office skills to the labor force. 


Training Programs

To ensure an adequately trained workforce, Georgia's Quick Start program and Alabama’s AIDT are both nationally recognized for providing high-quality job training services at no cost to new or expanding businesses in Georgia or Alabama. Both programs have provided customized training for hundreds of thousands of employees and for thousands of businesses and industries throughout our region.

Other Regional Characteristics

As a part of a right-to-work state, the Columbus, Georgia Region's low union rate is a testament both to the competitiveness of the labor force and the high esteem companies have for workers. The labor force in the region is known for its stability. In fact, a high percentage of employees own their homes as compared to other markets. As well, turnover rate in industries like manufacturing are extremely low, which ensures costly interruptions to productivity are avoided.
So, simply put, it's all about the workforce which makes the Columbus, Georgia Region an ideal place for business.